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A new installation or repairs can be, in some circumstances, very stressful and trying.  Our aim is to ensure that each job runs as smoothly and stress free as possible.

Our friendly team, be it in the office or factory, are all experienced in offering advise or assistance wherever or whenever needed.  The Technicians are all highly trained and skilled individuals and as a team we all work together at an optimal level for our clients.

For new installations, we will template the project first then advise you if any changes will be required before fabrication goes ahead.

Obviously, there is many a time we just get drawings for small projects such as shelves, mirror surrounds etc. and we fabricate to these specifications.

Once Templating is completed, the Corian® is fabricated within our factory. We return to site to complete the Site Fitting within 5-10 days approx. from the Templating date.

As an authorised Corian® installer we have fixed standards and regulations which must be met.

We would be delighted to quote for any Solid Surface or Granite/Stone project and we will endeavour to submit our quotation within 48 hours.

Should you require product samples or literature, we can provide these upon request.

Repairs (For All Solid Surfaces Only)
Life is life and accidents or mishaps happen.  Just telephone us or email your pictures and we will quote for this repair.  From a small chip, cracks, scratches or even a new sink, we will quote then organise the repair for you.

CAD Design

Our CAD Designers MArch Wassim produce detailed drawings to your design instructions after templating is complete. These are sent to you for full approval before your project goes into production. This process ensures that each bespoke project is produced totally toyour specification. This ensures that miscommunication and errors are kept to a minimum which can often cause costly time delays.